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The Wellness-Connection,LLC


1470 Lake Baldwin Ln Suite A, Orlando FL 32814


Relieving stress..managing pain...providing wholeness...


If anyone gets ill with sore throat, mild congestion, loss of taste/smell, cough or fever, I want to stress to you to get on it fast and stay on it even if you just get just one symptom. Rest. Take increased vitamin c, vitamin d and increased fluids. The homeopathic, Oscillococcinum, is great if you think you have been exposed or if you develop symptoms. Take right away. ( I have extra I can give you or you can order online to have on hand). Of course, this does not substitute for medical care. These are just suggestions of what I have found that helps. I have been helping a lot of people who contracted the virus and they have made it through it. (By all means use the regimen you have grown to love to keep your immune system strong.)

Often the virus seems better and then gets worse within 3-5 days. It is important to breathe deeply. You can do this with yoga breathing or blowing up balloons o (the thing you blow into after surgery}. I have extra ones if any one needs one and you can order on Amazon.

Also use a pulse oximeter to check oxygen levels if you are short of breath or have tightness in your chest. Check your deep breathing daily. It can slip up on you.( Also I have exra puse oximeters to borrow or you can get online). It can be a lifesaver and can give comfort if oxygen level is normal. Or get you to medical care if it is not good. At least you will know,


It is hard to stay isolated. Isolation is a thing we do to punish people. It is not good long term. I like my time alone, but I need people and touch and connection. Here are some tips that I have found helpful:

1- go gentle ( on you and others)

2- realize you are grieving (whether you know it or not) and your loved ones are too

3- exercise daily- including walking if possible

4- talk on phone to at least two people daily

5- widen your social circle to involve others who may be going exactly what you are going through, if possible ( for example, I check in with other MFR practitioners/massage therapists and hair stylists who cant touch people right now- it is hard for us)

6- eat well

7- drink plenty of water

8- stretch stretch stretch